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First-of-its-kind QR code game for Los Angeles is part-scavenger hunt, part "Choose Your Own Adventure".

June 16th, 2011 - Angelenos are not novices to movies being shot on their streets, film stars walking amongst them, and the best theatres the world has to offer. But what if there was a movie that traveled the streets with them? What if the walls of the theater were the Los Angeles city limits? And what if they themselves could decide how the story would unfold?

In time/trip, Los Angeles businesses have partnered with brand new local production company, superfreako productions, to create just such a "movie". Part-scavenger hunt, part-"Choose Your Own Adventure", the way "time/trip" works is simple. People who want to play head over to Meltdown Comics on Sunset Blvd in the heart of Hollywood and need to find the QR Code sticker with the message: "Scan the code to continue the journey." There are a variety of free code scanners of most modern mobile devices and once scanned, the code will cause a movie to pop to life on the phone or iPad. From there, players can follow the heroines of the story, Katie and Kelly, as they search throughout Los Angeles for a lost purse, traveling along as if they were part of the film themselves, calling the shots - because where they go next is entirely up to them.

time/trip was created by Chad Kukahiko and superfreako productions simply because it sounded like "a fun thing to do", but also as a means to promote local shops and businesses that he and the other superfreakos like. The owners and managers liked the idea, so in early May the entire three-person team of Chad, Denny & Kendall ran around Los Angeles with a rotating gang of actors and shot the entire piece in just two days.

Why tell a story like this? "Comic book geeks like myself have been playing games similar to 'time/trip' for nearly a decade," is Chad's response. "But the level of difficulty, the time and energy that it takes to play traditional alternate reality games is just too high for regular people. I wanted to see if there was a way to create a story like this without a degree in cryptography or waiting for weeks and months to see how it all resolves - something a little more simple, but with just as much fun of discovery and choice as a regular ARG. i basically wanted my family to know what it's like to play an ARG without having to actually go through ALL the work required, and 'time/trip' is what we came up with."

"time/trip" will run the entire summer ending at midnight on August 31st. Meltdown is where the story itself begins, but the superfreakos insist that the game can be played wherever one of the tell-tale stickers can be found. Throughout July, superfreako productions and many of the participating shops and stores will be running a contest for people who play the game and email pictures of themselves in front of the QR codes. rules as regulations for the contest will be posted on superfreako productions' blog,, before July 1st, but interested players can collect images any time before July 31st.

About superfreako productions:

superfreako productions is a Los Angeles-based production company with Hawaiian roots, formed with one simple goal: to tell great stories well, and to do so efficiently, honestly and inexpensively. The company's co-founders are Chad Kukahiko, Denny Kukahiko and Kendall Kanoa Hawley. "superfreako" is an irreverent play on the surname of two of the three founders, "Kukahiko" which means "to stand in the old ways". This meaning and the Hawaiian ancestry of all three founders is something they hold sacred by trying to make the world a better place through stories created for all types of screens. Since forming in 2007, the three "superfreakos" have brought their various disciplines, interests and experiences together to form a generous and unique array of skills with which to tell their stories, and those of their clients, with competence, passion and economy.

At the very end of 2007, Chad Kukahiko launched, the world's first social network for survivors of the zombie apocalypse, and in late 2009, superfreako productions produced all of the media content and some of the web sites for Benji Schneider's (of Lord Huron) un-sponsored Society for Linian Studies alternate reality game.

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