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Twenty years later, two friends return to an ambitious piece of theatre.

May 23, 2012 - This Memorial Day weekend in Phoenix, Arizona, two old friends will reunite to rehearse a one-man show premiering in June at the Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles, California. What's interesting about this reunion is that the same two people went through a nearly identical series of events in Boston, Massachusetts nearly twenty years ago. Back in January 1994 they were students at the Theatre Conservatory within BU's School of Fine Arts (now known as the College of Fine Arts), but now in 2012, they are Creative Director of superfreako productions, Chad Kukahiko, and Doctoral Student, Laurelann Porter.

Though the goals, ambitions and team of the show haven't changed in twenty years, Kukahiko and Porter themselves have grown, experienced and accomplished so much that it's become a different piece entirely. In the years since Chad has performed in over fifty different plays including two years on the road as one of the original American tour members of STOMP. However since embarking on a career as a writer/director seven years ago, marked by the founding of superfreako productions with his brother and longtime girlfriend, Chad has performed only about half a dozen times.

So why did he return to performing now? And for this? "I just couldn't get this show out of my head," is his response. "When we did it back in school, it was way too ambitious. I mean, it's still a bit too ambitious, but now we have the tools to at least take a stab at it." The show, which Kukahiko calls his 'Being and Nothingness' culminates in an event during the summer for '89 which Kukahiko says "changed everything," but he uses far more than just story-telling to deliver 'Leprechauns & Lies'. There's music, dancing, multi-media, audience participation and even hints of stand-up comedy.

Laurelann Porter is now an accomplished writer, director, performer, producer and doctoral student of Theatre wrapping up her dissertation at Arizona State University. Of this collaborative reunion with Kukahiko, she's perhaps more contemplative. "Working on 'Trash' in '94 was such a joyful experience," she says. "We had no fears and just did what we thought felt right. Coming back to the next incarnation has been like revisiting an old friend. It's great to see the story grow up and grapple with issues that hit at a deeper core level, but perhaps the story hasn't grown up and gotten deeper. Perhaps we have."

'Leprechauns & Lies' has only six performances scheduled during the Hollywood Fringe Festival in June at the Theatre Asylum Lab, 6320 Santa Monica Blvd in Hollywood. The show runs 70 minutes and has no intermission. There will be a Pay-What-You-Can preview performance on Sunday, June 10th at 5:30pm, and the regular performances (which will only cost $10) will be: Friday, June 15th @ 7pm • Sunday, June 17th @ 10pm • Monday, June 18th @ 7pm • Saturday, June 23rd @ 5:30pm • Sunday June 24th @ 1pm. Tickets go on-sale May 1st and can be purchased at The Theatre Asylum Lab only seats forty so people eager to see the show should not wait until the last second to buy tickets. Also, due to time constraints inherent with the fast-paced Hollywood Fringe Festival, all performances of "Leprechauns..." will start EXACTLY on time.

For additional information or to reserve your industry/press comps now, email Kendall Kanoa Hawley at Industry/press comps are limited, and reservations are first-come first-served.

About superfreako productions:

superfreako productions is a Los Angeles-based production company with Hawaiian roots, formed with one simple goal: to tell great stories well, and to do so efficiently, honestly and inexpensively. The company's co-founders are Chad Kukahiko, Denny Kukahiko and Kendall Kanoa Hawley. "superfreako" is an irreverent play on the surname of two of the three founders, "Kukahiko" which means "to stand in the old ways". This meaning and the Hawaiian ancestry of all three founders is something they hold sacred by trying to make the world a better place through stories created for all types of screens. Since forming in 2007, the three “superfreakos” have brought their various disciplines, interests and experiences together to form a generous and unique array of skills with which to tell their stories, and those of their clients, with competence, passion and economy.

The superfreakos' recent projects include 'time/trip' a transmedia property - which garnered them a nice mention on - , the motion comic 'Last Days: Ante Diem' and a variety of short format and new media co-productions with teams like the sketch comedy troupe 'The Clean Sanchez' and the LA film collective 'We Make Movies'. superfreako productions represents a handful of excellent indie LA directors for commercial and industrial work, and are currently raising funds to produce their first feature film 'Ms. Young' and to complete the last two parts of the 'Last Days' animated prequel.

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